Timely Boiler Upgrade Completed Under Budget

By Steve Schuster, Associate Editor  
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After the project's completion, Butler says GBMC's utility management plan also needed an update.

The management plan "was how we would continue to maintain life-support and infection control," he says. "Our steam for our boilers provided our central sterile process, where we clean our operating instruments and operating room equipment. That's a 24-hour a day operation. The steam we produce helps clean those instruments every day.

"We also had to update all of our plant descriptions, and another document critical to update was our emergency management and environment of care document."

Among the successes of GBMC's project was the fact that it completed the project on time and under budget. The entire project was budgeted at $11 million, but the actual cost was a little less, Butler says. The boilers cost $1.21 million, which included the economizers. The remaining $9.89 million went to other costs, including construction of the new building.

As part of the upgrade project, GBMC doubled the size of its boiler plant size in anticipation of future campus development. The new boilers are located in a brand new facility.

"It's a new building, built in what was once an open air courtyard surrounded by hospital buildings," he says.

Despite the many challenges, Butler and his team were able to successfully complete the boiler upgrade, which now is delivering a host of benefits related to patient care, the community, the environment, and the bottom line.

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