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The Next Big Thing In Energy Efficiency

What do you see as the next big thing in energy efficiency?
Energy saving products are evolving every month and the unsuccessful energy savings products slowly disappear. The trick is knowing the proven energy savings improvements that deliver quick payback periods, generally 3 years or less. I would recommend against accepting any energy savings claims at a trade show — or worse yet on television — without independent third party verification. Energy savings "guarantees" can be a warning sign. Avoid unknown black boxes that promise great savings via technologies that cannot be explained. A variation of being on the "leading edge" is to be on the "bleeding edge" of some unproven gadget. Your building should not be an R&D lab for some unproven product.  The energy savings device cannot interfere with normal building requirements for comfort, safety, risk management, etc.

Responses provided by Richard Lubinski, president, Think Energy Management LLC.

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  posted on 4/2/2012   Article Use Policy

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