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SIDEBAR: Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Step By Step

Part 3 of a 3-part article on EDF's Investor Confidence Project to standardize the process of performing energy efficiency upgrades.

The Investor Ready Energy Efficiency label is based on protocols that spell out best practices for planning, implementing, and verifying energy retrofits. Here are the elements of the large commercial protocol for whole-building projects with project costs of more than $1 million.

• Energy use data for the building
• Building asset data
• Weather data
• Occupancy data for baseline period
• Baseline model
• Estimates of end-use energy use

Savings Calculation
• Description of existing conditions
• Develop and calibrate baseline energy model
• Model energy conservation measures
• Preliminary cost estimates
• Savings and cost-effectiveness projections
Final report including proposed energy conservation measures, economic performance, and supporting data
Design, Construction, and Verification
• Operational performance verification (targeted commissioning) plan

Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring
Operations, maintenance, and monitoring (OM&M) plan, including roles and responsibilities, and methods to document and resolve issues
Measurement and Verification Plan
Measurement and verification (M&V) plan following International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Option C (whole facility — utility bill analysis). IPMVP provides an overview of current best practices for verifying results of energy efficiency projects.

The standard commercial protocol — for whole building projects under $1 million — follows the same steps, except that the IPMVP Options A and B can be used for M&V. The third commercial protocol — called “targeted” — is for projects focused on one or two building systems. It uses a streamlined approach that is designed to provide a standardized framework while holding down costs.

ICP also provides templates to make it easier to develop plans for operational performance verification (targeted commissioning), OM&M, and M&V.​

Protocols and templates are available for free download here.

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SIDEBAR: Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Step By Step

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