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Energy Storage Case Study 1: Walmart Uses Energy Storage with Solar PVs

Second of a four-part Green Building Report.

Walmart has recently installed energy storage at eight retail sites across California. These stores are pairing photovoltaic solar with battery storage to achieve financial savings and operational reliability. Walmart is working with SolarCity on the solar-plus-storage systems to provide both peak load reduction and emergency backup power.

In the event of a power outage, Walmart’s critical load backup system is programmed to initiate a series of events to prevent unintentional islanding and to coordinate with the existing building management system across several Walmart locations. The scale of these back-up power systems goes beyond traditional solutions and is a significant operational advantage to Walmart.

These systems are the first of their kind in providing backup power at this scale while also reducing demand charges. Read more about Walmart’s energy storage system here.

posted on 11/9/2016

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