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Facility Maintenance Decisions

Building Envelope: A Maintenance Checklist

Before managers can develop a maintenance program for the building envelope, they must ensure the system is as functional as possible. Ensuring the building envelope is functional could require a year’s worth of maintenance or an extensive capital investment. A capital project could include a roof replacement, sealing significant amounts of openings in the back-up wall construction, and replacing windows.

Once managers have established a functional and relatively efficient building envelope, they can develop a maintenance plan. A typical plan includes:

• visual surveys of deterioration and openings in roofs

• annual repairs of detected deterioration

• infrared surveys of roofs every five years

• visual survey of wall-system components annually

• sealants in wall systems and window perimeters

• window glazing gaskets

• cracks and openings in wall-system components

• interior survey of openings in wall systems above the ceiling

• infrared survey of wall components every five years.

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