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Business Continuity Planning: Develop a Chain of Command

In this video from NFMT 2011: Bob Mellinger, president of Attainium Corp., discusses strategies facility managers can use to develop a successful business continuity plan.

Click here to read an article on Mellinger's presentation and business continuity planning strategies for facility professionals.
Part 1: What Do Facility Managers Need in Business Continuity Plans?

Part 2: Emergency Planning: Develop a Communications Strategy

Part 3: Business Continuity Strategy: Keep a Plan Up to Date

Part 4: Business Continuity Planning: Drilling and Tabletop Exercises

Part 5: Business Continuity Plan: Use Checklists for Most Important Steps

Part 6: Business Continuity Strategy: Implement a Shelter-In-Place Plan

Part 7: Business Continuity Planning: Develop a Chain of Command

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posted:  4/11/2011