Growing Need of Elevators Require Technology Upgrades

Pairing elevators with control systems allows for monitoring of potential wear-out spots.   August 12, 2022

By Mackenna Moralez, Associate Editor

The need for integrating elevator control systems is growing as more companies rely on smart buildings outfitted with IoT systems, according to a report by Straits Research. An elevator control system prevents unauthorized elevator users from reaching restricted building floors. This allows for continuous monitoring of an elevator’s wear-out spots and collecting statistical data. Or measuring specific parameters. Along with this technology, predictive maintenance program analyses data from the elevator and assesses the level of wear in individual parts, informing building management or a maintenance provider when elevator parts reach the end of an expected lifetime. 

As infrastructure continues to align itself with technological upgrades, the demand for building elevators will increase. As the number of elevators being installed in buildings grows, so does the number of people who will use them. In order to avoid long wait times, control systems that are paired with machine learning, artificial intelligence or IoT can enable smooth mobility throughout the entire building. 


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