Using A Cat for Pest Control: What Can Go Wrong?

Read about weird complaints facility managers have received in K-12 schools and universities   March 7, 2023

By FacilitiesNet Staff

When one thinks of complaints in schools, it’s usually teachers grumbling about bratty or lazy students. However, teachers, professors and other occupants of education facilities often have something to say about the building, too.  

FacilitiesNet recently asked its readers to submit the most outrageous complaints they’ve received from tenants. Here are the best and funniest stories from K-12 schools, colleges and universities. 

"I had a teacher once submit a ticket to the facilities crew because she could hear the toilet in the restroom next to her class and it took too long to fill after flushing. She had even compiled a list of times she'd taken with a stopwatch to see just how long the refills took." 

"We had a building on campus with a rodent problem. For one of the occupants, the solution to this was to bring their cat to work. Naturally the cat proceeded to get stuck inside of a wall. Animal control was called and luckily the cat was able to be freed. I can still hear the mice laughing."

"'OMG I cannot work in my office due to the smell, I am going to call Labor & Industries if you (Facilities) don't come take care it Now!' We checked out this person’s office top to bottom to find that her lunch bag had fallen down between her desk and wall and it had a rotting orange in the bag. Her response: 'Oops, sorry.'" 

"A work order was received to 'turn the heat up in my office — it is very cold!' Upon investigation, an exterior window in the office was found to be wide open... in January" 

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