District Takes Steps to Avoid Another Iowa School Shooting

Plans for Woodbine district to install security software unveiled same day as shooting claims one student’s life in Perry, Iowa.   January 8, 2024

By Dave Lubach, Executive Editor

A local news report of an Iowa school district implementing an artificial intelligence gun detection software system went live last week, the same day another school district in the state suffered a school shooting that resulted in the death of a sixth grader and injured five others in Perry.  

Station WOWT in Iowa reported that Woodbine School District will take live next week a software system that sends alerts to the ZeroEyes company which receives images and can verify the threat, sending alerts to school officials and first responders. The software also can provide gun information, a visual description of the suspect and the last-known location. The company claims that this all occurs within 3-5 seconds of gun detection. The software does not focus on concealable weapons, however, the report said. 

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The district upgraded its security camera system and is paying the company $110,000 over five years through a community bond for the software, which reportedly covers inside and outside activity around the building. 

Schools and other institutional and commercial facilities are always trying to find ways to solve the issues of mass public shooting. Such a security system can’t guarantee that no shootings will ever take place on the Woodbine district’s properties, which officials concede.  

“There is not ever going to be one thing that is a catch-it-all for everything, but this is just one more step that we’re taking to try to make sure our kids and our staff and community members are safe,” says Woodbine Superintendent Justin Wagner in the report. 

Dave Lubach is the executive editor of the facility market. 


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