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Doors: ANSI/BHMA Standards

Comprehensive inspection, testing and maintenance helps managers enhance the safety of building occupants and visitors

By Thomas A. Westerkamp   Doors & Hardware

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Door Hardware by the Numbers

The numbering and descriptions for ANSI/BHMA Standards are as follows:

Butts and hinges - A156.1

Bored and preassembled locks and latches - A156.2

Exit devices - A156.3

Door control - closures - A156.4

Auxiliary locks and associated products - A156.5

Architectural door trim - A156.6

Template hinge dimensions - A156.7

Door controls — overhead stops and holders - A156.8

Cabinet hardware - A156.9

Power operated pedestrian doors - A156.10

Cabinet locks - A156.11

Interconnected locks and latches - A156.12

Mortise locks and latches - A156.13

Sliding and folding door hardware - A156.14

Closer holder release devices - A156.15

Auxiliary hardware - A156.16

Self-closing hinges and pivots - A156.17

Materials and finishes - A156.18

Power assist and low-energy, power-operated doors - A156.19

Strap and tee hinges and hasps - A156.20

Thresholds - A156.21

Door gasketing systems - A156.22

Electromagnetic locks - A156.23

Delayed egress locks - A156.24

Electrified locking devices - A156.25

Continuous hinges - A156.26

Power and manual revolving pedestrian doors - A156.27

Master keying systems - A156.28

Exit locks and alarms - A156.29

High security cylinders - A156.30

Electrified strikes and actuators - A156.31

posted on 12/24/2018

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