Door Hardware: O&M Manuals Contain Parts Lists, Wiring Diagrams

By Thomas A. Westerkamp  
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Once managers specify advanced door hardware, an essential step is ensuring operation and maintenance manuals for the new hardware are available. These manuals are essential for proper maintenance because they contain important documents, such as parts lists, instructions, and wiring diagrams. Technicians can refer to these manuals for proper installation techniques, as well as recommended maintenance tasks and frequencies.

Another important step for managers is establishing standard sourcing policy for replacement parts. Ideally, the organization uses individual standards for cylindrical devices, mortise locks, deadbolts, and exit devices and closers to control the number and type of spare parts required to keep the access-control system operating.

Fortunately, the door hardware industry's numerous distribution warehouses make the task of finding spare parts easier. These supply houses stock tens of thousands of items and have established, fast-track delivery systems to provide efficient service to users.

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