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Facility Maintenance Decisions
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Technology Solutions for Door-Hardware Retrofits

By Mark Visbal Doors & Hardware   Article Use Policy

Important management and security breaches due to lost or stolen keys can be a source of sleepless nights for those charged with the maintenance and security of a facility. Switching to a full-fledged physical access-control system mitigates this scenario. But in many cases, this option is beyond an organization’s budget.

A new generation of technological solutions allows managers in institutional and commercial facilities to retrofit existing locks and associated hardware with solutions that are direct replacements, yet offer increased security, are pickproof and weatherproof, and have many of the features found in an access-control system.

Unlike traditional access-controlled portals, these solutions do not require modifications to existing doors and frames. In some cases, they also are made to fit drawers, cabinets, and vending machines, and they offer padlocks.

They also incorporate the audit and control features of an access-control system. This feature set allows locks to work on a schedule, to detect and provide notification of unauthorized attempts to open a lock and to generate an audit trail and reports.

In most cases, these stand-alone solutions do not require additional infrastructure or the installation of additional 110 volts alternating current (VAC) outlets, making them easier and more cost-effective to implement.


posted on 9/21/2009