World Cup 2022

Plans for World Cup Venues Include Reuse, Refurbish and Removal

Qatar’s plans for using soccer stadium include hotels, shopping centers, and sports clinics.   December 28, 2022

By Dave Lubach, Managing Editor

Now that the world has moved on from Qatar after one of the more thrilling World Cup finals in the event’s history, the facilities world will turn its eyes toward what happens to the stadiums built for the mere purpose of hosting soccer games for about a month. 

Many of these stadiums around the world built exclusively for sporting events like the Olympics or World Cup are abandoned as quickly as the length of time they were used. The aftermath of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro resulted in unused and abandoned stadiums, as billions of dollars in constructed stadium went to waste. 

Qatar, which spent about $6.5 billion to construct stadiums to host a controversial World Cup that saw a unknown number of migrant workers die while building them, apparently has a plan to remove, reuse or repurpose the stadiums, according to a Yahoo! Sports report

Qatar is scheduled to host the Asian Football Cup next year and is scheduled to host the Olympic-style Asian Games in 2030, so there are future events planned that will use some of the venues. The country is also trying to host the 2036 Olympics. 

Plans are in place to convert other venues into other facilities. Included in those plans are: 

  • Al Bayat Stadium is becoming a five-star hotel, shopping center, and sports medicine hospital. 
  • Al Thumama Stadium will have a hotel, sports clinic and other facilities added to it. 
  • Lusail Stadium, which hosted the final match, will be converted into a mixed residential and commercial center. 
  • Stadium 974, an eco-friendly venue built out of 974 recycled shipping containers, will be shipped to another location and be replaced by a waterfront business district. 

Dave Lubach is the managing editor of the Facilities Market. 


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