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Western Michigan's Director of Engineering and Maintenance Services Discusses his Career

When the university president tries to recruit you for a position at his educational facility, you listen. And as a student at Western Michigan University, aspiring maintenance and engineering employee Anand Sankey certainly did.

Anand Sankey

Anand Sankey
Director of Engineering and Maintenance Services
Western Michigan University

Upon graduating from Western in 1998, Sankey started applying for jobs in the maintenance and engineering profession when the school’s president asked about his interest in working at the physical plant. Shortly after the question, Sankey was on his way to a career in maintenance management at Western Michigan, where he has served as director of engineering and maintenance since 2009.

"That I was enjoying what I was doing and they recognized my efforts by rewarding me and offering more responsibilities, my assumption was I must be OK at this," Sankey said. Sankey shares thoughts on his rise through the ranks to his position at Western Michigan in Management Track, which takes a closer look at the maintenance and engineering management profession by speaking with leaders from institutional and commercial facilities.

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posted:  2/3/2016