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— Information provided by the Mechanical Contractors Association

Facing a major maintenance or construction project is always an arduous task of planning, selection and execution. But, the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) has just made the process a little easier.

Recently, the network of MCA affiliates combined their efforts to develop a campaign aimed at informing users of mechanical construction and services about the MCA and its members. The group’s Web site, www.mcaproof.com, offers users a comprehensive look into the safety, productivity and training in the mechanical-construction industry and the ways these factors translate into meaningful bottom-line results and quality projects.

With more than 90 local MCA affiliates across the United States and more than 2,200 members, maintenance and engineering managers can tap into MCA’s resources to locate and work successfully with a mechanical contractor. Using the Web site, a visitor can search a directory for a local affiliate or contractor, as well as view examples of successful mechanical projects, testimonials and studies that demonstrate the value of MCA contractors.

The quality and cost-effective projects that MCA contractors provide are a result of extensive training. The pipe fitters, sprinkler fitters, HVAC service technicians and plumbers employed by MCA contractors go through a five-year apprenticeship program that includes 1,700 hours of classroom instruction, 216 hours of on-the-job experience, and mandatory OSHA training.

Their learning doesn’t end there. MCA affiliates also provide certification and continuing-education classes on topics such as leadership, project management, design-build, and cost estimating. More than $100 million is spent per year on educational services for MCA contractors and their employees.

As a result of supplying more training than any other organization in the industry, MCA contractors’ offer 17 percent increased productivity over competitors. The results include safety records that are better than the industry average and, ultimately, successful projects for customers.

Since its founding, MCA and its affiliates have helped to develop standards and building codes for the industry. The network of affiliates assists contractors and engineers with code compliance and the adoption of new technology, which also benefits customers. The MCA created the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau to ensure contractors furnish safe and dependable installations through the use of qualified welding-procedure specifications and qualified welders.

In teaming with suppliers of mechanical equipment, MCA affiliates are better able to provide the right solutions to construction and service challenges and develop new products and services that improve productivity. Iin the MCA network, the combination of training, industry expertise and teamwork dedicated to the improvement of services and cost-effective methods makes the customer and contractor a winner. That just might be the reason that 80 percent of the Top 100 mechanical contractors in the United States are MCA members.

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