Maximizing Data Center Efficiency Gains Through Virtualization

Data Centers, Energy Efficiency   November 14, 2007

Looking to improve the efficiency of your data center? Virtualization is one option that more data center operators are considering. Virtualization is a process that reduces the number of servers in a data center by combining the jobs several servers do onto one.

Virtualization might seem like an IT matter, but for ultimate success, facilities departments should play a role in the process. Some questions facility executives should ask:

Have the old servers been removed? One potential pitfall is that a data center moves to virtualization, but some old servers are left running.

Assuming the old servers have been removed, has the chiller and fan output been adjusted for the new heat load? Less servers means less heat, which should allow for cooling savings.

Finally, what about incentives? Some utilities, such as Pacific Gas and Electric, offer incentives for server virtualization. Such incentives typically need to be applied for before starting a virtualization project.


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