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Data Centers Need Backup Cooling Options

Reliability remains a key concern among data center operators. An unplanned outage in a data center can cause severe business disruptions. At their worst, outages can also cause severe disruptions to the facility staff managing the data center. Most companies understand the importance of testing both the generator and UPS system regularly. UPS batteries need regular testing because their performance will degrade over time and as their usage increases. But what about testing the cooling systems? Some companies don't actually test how their data centers perform under a loss of utility power. They simulate the testing of the UPS but never cut utility power. That doesn't give a full picture of performance during an outage. Have you added servers to your data center since it was designed? If so, it's important to make sure your cooling system is still up to the task during an outage. If your UPS system is designed for 15 minutes, but your cooling system can only last for a few minutes before temperatures spike, problems will quickly arise.


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