hospitalUpdated amenities and family spaces with upgraded finishes and technology help to provide a comfortable setting for patients and visitors. Aaron Locke

Hospital Transforms into a Modern Maternity Center

Renovated space includes updated amenities, improved wayfinding and views to nature.

By FacilitiesNet Staff  

EvergreenHealth Family Maternity Center (FMC) in Kirkland, Washington, needed a place for new families to begin, so they consulted with a national Labor and Delivery Consultant to assess and compare their facilities with leading FMC services around the region.  

Starting with an existing wing of the hospital, the Ankrom Moisan design team transformed and renovated 90,000 square feet into a modern maternity center, including renovations of a Labor and Delivery Unit, NICU and a Postpartum unit.  

Through Lean Design workshops, the design team gathered insights from staff, research, and thoughtful planning that led to a concept that is completely reimagining the experience for care providers and patients. 

Soothing start


The patients’ and visitors’ journeys start at the team station. Soft lighting and a soothing color palette help create a relaxed atmosphere. 

Beautiful surroundings


Windows with views of greenery and biophilic graphic elements promote a natural setting.

Wayfinding with color


To help improve wayfinding, a different color was used for each wing.

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