Access-Control Technology Offers Enhanced Protection

  August 31, 2012

I'm Steve Schuster, associate editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today's topic discusses building security. More than ever, the general public is demanding that institutional and commercial facilities provide greater security and access control to all areas inside and outside of buildings. In response, maintenance and engineering managers are paying greater attention to new products and technologies that can enhance the protection of buildings, occupants, and operations.

A new generation of electronic access-control technology offers managers the opportunity to enhance security of and control access to facilities — provided their technicians specify and maintain these products and systems properly.

From planning and design to implementation, maintenance, and training, all stages of an access control and bar-code system are equally important to ensure long-term and reliable performance. The two most common mistakes related to bar-code systems are setting an unrealistic timetable for installing the system and not fully explaining system capabilities to building occupants.

Managers who avoid these mistakes can ensure greater system reliability and fewer maintenance needs. The smooth introduction of the systems also will boost occupants' confidence in the technology, the organization's management, and the manufacturers and vendors of the equipment.


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