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SIDEBAR: Wire Management Strategies for a Productive Office Space

As convenient as they may be, no office can totally rely on wireless networks. But power posts and new furniture strategies can eliminate the wires tangle.

These days, wireless communications are a given. Still, hard connections are necessary. Employees need to plug in to charge their devices. Presentation rooms should never rely solely on wireless networks. Employees want options and backup at their workstations. And for security reasons, employees may need to access sensitive data from servers not on a wireless network. As a result, managing wires and wire tangles is a challenge.

Power posts or towers strategically located throughout an office, as mentioned above, are one strategy. Several software and high-tech companies have installed the flat-wire system beneath floors or carpet tiles. These products save construction dollars because flatwire can be hidden beneath carpet tiles (which provide easy access for repairs) instead of installing a trench below the floor to bring electrical into the room. 

Office furniture manufacturers are also focusing on designs that integrate power and data wiring with furniture. Some companies create spaces within desk and table legs for running electrical and data connections. At least one company is incorporating power components for charging phones, laptops, and tablets into the functional aspects of furniture, such as a monitor arm that attaches to the adjustable-height work surface. With such strategies, tangles are virtually gone.


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SIDEBAR: Wire Management Strategies for a Productive Office Space

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