Oakland A's Playing Possum with Broadcasters

Rodent’s continued presence boots Mets’ announcing team.   April 24, 2023

By Dave Lubach, Executive Editor

As far as Major League Baseball franchises go, things could be better for the Oakland A’s. 

Traditionally one of the lowest-spending teams in the league, Oakland is not only one of baseball’s worst teams, but it plays in the sport’s most decrepit stadium while considering a move to a new venue in the city or possibly to Las Vegas. 

Events like what happened recently won’t do much to enhance the A’s reputation as a crumbling franchise playing in a crumbling stadium.  

During a recent game against the New York Mets, the Mets’ broadcast team had to work from a different area of Oakland Coliseum because of an opossum that is living in the booth. Yes, exterminators have been called and no, they were not able to remove it.  

The possum obviously has strong survival skills since there are reports the possum was in the press box nearly a year ago. Traps have reportedly been set but are obviously not working. 

The franchise that is best known for its “Moneyball” approach to building a baseball team might want to spend a little more of its budget on pest control. 

Dave Lubach is executive editor for the Facility Market. 


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