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Brown Barn Films Renovates Office Space with Ceilume Ceiling Tiles

The space had been a law office prior to its current tenants.   July 7, 2023

By FacilitiesNet Staff

Brown Barn Films needed to transform an office suite into a creative space that made them happy to come to work and welcomed their clients to meetings. The answer proved to be as simple as a coat of paint and new, decorative ceiling tiles from Ceilume. 

The team at Brown Barn Films had been in their new production and editing suite a few months when they realized they needed to change the environment. Their 600 square feet in a 40-year-old building in Sebastopol, CA had previously been a law office, with beige walls and flat, white dropped ceilings. 

They decided on a paint job to rid themselves of the stodgy beige walls. Then, thought they ought to address the ceiling as well. It was a typical suspended grid with flat white mineral fiber tiles. 

The black tiles they selected were three-dimensional decorative thermoformed tiles made by Ceilume. The style they chose, Cambridge, a pattern of concentric squares that creates visual interest and adds a note of formality to the décor. They simply refaced the existing ceiling by slipping the lightweight Ceilume tiles in front of the old mineral fiber. Since they are renting the space, they chose to leave the existing mineral fiber tiles in place so they can easily restore the office to its original condition when they move out (and keep their new ceiling tiles for the next location). The Brown Barn team installed the tiles themselves with some helpful coaching from the manufacturer. 

The new ceiling is Greenguard Gold certified to protect indoor air quality and is recyclable at the end of its service life. 

They chose the easiest way to make the grids match the dark color. Rather than replacing them or re-painting, they snapped on black EZ-On Grid Covers over the white grids. In one day, they had a new ceiling. 


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