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Workplace Management System Integrates with Sensor Technology - Planon Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Workplace Management System Integrates with Sensor Technology: Planon Inc.

Planon Inc.
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Real estate managers facing increasing challenges supporting flexible workers can now better analyze and manage workplace requirements.

Planon has announced a new version of its Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solution, Planon Accelerator 6.0. In addition to many new solutions like Capital Project Management, KPI reporting and benchmarking, and a completely restyled and fully web-based user experience, one of the key innovations in this release is the integration of sensor technology. This allows organizations to equip each workplace or meeting room with a sensor, registering the actual status of individual desks and spaces. It also enables real-time monitoring and analysis of flexible workplaces and meeting rooms and supports planning.

"The integration of sensor technology within IWMS yields almost endless new opportunities," says Pierre Guelen, CEO at the Planon Group. "This is a major step in the automation of workplace management. In the coming years, we will see a rise in connected devices and sensors. Planon Accelerator 6.0 introduces workplace management into this new, connected world."

Real estate managers can analyze data in real-time and consolidate this information to gain insights into the utilization of workplaces.

"Based on Big Data generated with Planon Accelerator 6.0, real estate managers can analyze historical data to predict trends in the future,” continued Guelen. “Primarily this technology facilitates the workforce to collaborate and work effectively in a dynamic workplace environment; without friction and without operational chaos."

User experience

A new and improved user experience is an essential element of version 6.0 of Planon Accelerator. A dedicated team of user experience developers has managed to dramatically improve the interface mechanisms. These mechanisms are now more intuitive, simple, relevant and consistent for any type of user. The layout and content of the interface can then be adapted to specific desires of the user.

Other new capabilities

Planon Accelerator 6.0 also includes:

• Capital Project Management to manage planning, finance, scope and quality of capital expenses and projects

• A new KPI reporting and benchmarking solution called Data Aggregation Manager

• Extended functionality in Planon Mobile Field Services to dispatch and manage work orders for teams with multiple engineers

• Fast and easy configuration transfer between test, acceptance and production databases

• A role-based homepage that serves as a dashboard to give users a quick overview of tasks, graphical dashboards and supports immediate access to back office functionality.

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posted: 10/13/2015