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Wiring for Critical Equipment Has Two-Hour Fire Rating - Pentair - Facility Management Product Release

Wiring for Critical Equipment Has Two-Hour Fire Rating: Pentair

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Pentair's Pyrotenax System 1850 mineral insulated (MI) fire-rated wiring is a two hour UL/ULC listed fire-resistant system. First invented in 1896, and first produced commercially as ‘Pyrotenax’ in 1936, today this technology is utilized world-wide for the safe evacuation of buildings and for continued operation of firefighting equipment.

Unlike conventional cables, the Pyrotenax System 1850 MI wire consists of solid copper conductors in a continuous copper sheath with magnesium powder insulation, without needing a conduit for protection. With an all inorganic construction, there will be zero smoke or flame spread if a fire breaks out.

“Our UL 2196 Listed Pyrotenax System 1850 Mineral Insulated (MI) Fire Rated Wiring ensures a minimum of two hours of electricity to critical emergency and life-saving equipment in the event of a fire,” Brad Faulconer, VP & GM, Pentair Thermal Building Solutions.

In 2012, all listed fire-resistive cables were de-classified by UL following research conducted on polymer-insulated fire-resistive cables, some of which showed a high failure rate under fire-test conditions. Since that time, UL conducted testing on Pentair’s Pyrotenax Mineral Insulated cables, which utilize a different technology than polymer-insulated cables and are constructed of non-combustible, inorganic materials. UL concluded that Pentair’s cables were not subject to the failure modes found in the research testing. This reinstatement was the first in the industry, according to the company.


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posted: 11/1/2016