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Wipes - Kimberly-Clark Professional - Facility Management Product Release

Kimberly-Clark Professional
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Kimtech Prep Wipers for the Wet-task Refillable Wet Wiping System from Kimberly-Clark Professional provide infection-control practitioners and environmental services professionals in health care facilities another option for surface cleaning and disinfection with a smaller canister version. The smaller canister holds a 35-count roll of 12- x 12.5-inch sheets of wipers for Bleach, Disinfectants and Sanitizers. These wipes are engineered to be compatible with quaternary amine and bleach disinfectant solutions, maintaining the concentration of actives released to the surface at target concentration levels. Saturated wipes are dispensed via a port in the top of the canister. This system eliminates the need to spray disinfecting chemicals onto a surface - significantly reducing issues associated with volatile organic chemicals. Because a fresh wipe is used for each wiping task, the system also eliminates issues associated with re-dipping a reusable rag back into the disinfecting solution, a process that can cause the solution to become contaminated.


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posted: 10/24/2007