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Wi-Fi Enabled Inspection Camera Takes Guesswork out of Drain Cleaning - Electric Eel Manufacturing Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Wi-Fi Enabled Inspection Camera Takes Guesswork out of Drain Cleaning: Electric Eel Manufacturing Co.

Electric Eel Manufacturing Co.
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The New Ecam ACE pipeline inspection camera system with Wi-Fi enables users to record video with their mobile device. The Wi-Fi transmitter sends a wireless signal to almost any handheld device. Then by using the custom downloaded APP the user can see video, record video or take snap shots. Once a video is recorded, the user can email it directly from the device or download it to a computer.

Quickly inspect and locate of a wide variety of pipeline problems while reducing cost by knowing exactly where the problem is before digging. The Ecam ACE takes the guesswork out of jobs. Designed to inspect 3-10-inch lines. Features a 5.4-inch wide LCD monitor and a rugged stainless steel housed 1.68-inch color camera with sapphire lens. The flexible camera spring navigates 3” P-traps. Includes 200 Ft. of durable braided ½-inch diameter push rod, industry standard 512HZ sonde and a heavy-duty screen cover.


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posted: 1/28/2016