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Waterless Urinals - Falcon Waterfree Technologies - Facility Management Product Release

Falcon Waterfree Technologies
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The Falcon waterfree urinal uses a liquid sealant that is lighter than water to filter urine and eliminate the need for a flush valve. The liquid sealant floats on a layer of water in a replaceable cartridge that is within the urinal itself, connected to the drain. Urine passes through the liquid sealant and directly into the drain, and the sealant provides an airtight barrier between urine and the restroom to prevent odors from escaping the drain. The cartridge traps and collects uric sediment, leaving an odor-free environment and no water waste.

The cartridge is shaped to act as a funnel, and the combination of non-stick, non-porous materials of construction and the funnel-shape of the cartridge ensure all urine passes into the cartridge. The cartridge also has a sealing ring to provide an airtight barrier between the cartridge and the housing. The cartridge should be changed approximately three to four times per year.


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posted: 10/25/2006