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Water-cooled VRV - Daikin - Facility Management Product Release

Water-cooled VRV: Daikin

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The VRV T-Series water-cooled condensing units, with existing cooling tower water loops or connection to ground source geothermal loops, can perform at up to 30 IEER.

The VRV T-Series provides all the attributes of an air-cooled VRV system, including added flexibility for cold climate applications as well as low sound levels, advanced comfort control and zoning — in a smaller package with improved performance, as compared to the previous PC-Series.

Daikin VRV T-Series use the same wide range of indoor unit models as the air-cooled VRV IV series, providing many architectual application options. Multiple indoor units can be connected to a single condensing unit with up to 64 indoor unit connection capability on a single-refrigerent network. The VRV T-Series also uses the same branch selector boxes and refrigerent piping techniques as the air-cooled systems, making it convenient for combing water-cooled and air-cooled systems on the same project.

Simultaneous heating and cooling is available with a heat recovery configuration that connects the outdoor condensing unit to the indoor units using a three-pipe refrigerant network. Heat pump systems providing either heating or cooling, but not simultaneously, are also available utilizing a two-pipe refrigerant network.

The T-Series can replace existing two- or four-pipe chilled-water systems. Small (38-9/16-inches high by 30-1/8-inches wide by 22-1/16-inches deep), lightweight (430 lbs) units are transportable using a dolly and are typically installed indoors on individual floors, where they can easily be transported on an elevator.

The single modules (208-230V/3Ph/60Hz or 460V/3Ph/60Hz) are available in 8-, 10- and 12-ton sizes, along with a more compact design, as compared to the previous PC-Series. Single modules can be manifolded together to flexibly increase the capacity range with up to three units to form one system of up to 36 tons. The compact size, along with “heat rejection cancelation technology,” allow installation in small, closet-type spaces without any additional ventilation requirements. Up to three units can be connected and stacked on top of one another to fit within a floor-to-ceiling height of 10½ feet. Piping lengths of up to 540 feet and up to 98 feet of height seperation between the outdoor unit and indoor units provide added installation flexibility.

A connection ratio of up to 150 percent provides a lower initial investment expense while taking advantage of building diversity. Each indoor unit is capable of independent, controllable heating and cooling, or can be grouped together into larger zones, providing consitant, controllable zoning comfort throuought the building.


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posted: 6/12/2018