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Water Monitoring System Collects Data to Help Ensure Safe Conditions - Phigenics - Facility Management Product Release


An increased focus on building safety and sustainability has challenged traditional building automation systems, especially in the area of water management, where facility operators must assume responsibility for potable water safety within their buildings. Phigenics offers the Potable Water Analytics (PWA) Base Monitoring System 2.0 as a complete IoT-enabled solution to assist facility operators and engineers with the obligation of ensuring that building occupants receive safe potable water at all times.

The Phigenics PWA Base Monitoring System 2.0 can be configured to measure free or total chlorine residuals, temperature, pressure, pH, ORP, conductivity and more at customer-specified intervals.

The system arrives at the facility pre-wired, pre-plumbed and phiReady, meaning upon arrival it is equipped for installation and commissioning. The Phigenics PWA Base Monitoring System 2.0 requires water in, 110 power and a line to drain. It can typically be installed by in-house facility personnel. The unit includes a Modbus interface plus 8 additional analog or pulse signals, and can receive data from up to 32 additional sensor systems that support Modbus. Commissioning typically takes less than an hour to bring the system online.

Once online, the Phigenics PWA Base Monitoring System 2.0 automatically collects and logs data, uploads data to Phigenics servers over a cellular or Ethernet network, and makes the data available in phiMetrics — the Phigenics web-based platform — for viewing in charts, tables and other formats. The units alerting feature makes it easy to set and trigger alerts when data is not within specified or regulated limits, allowing for immediate remedial action.

The Phigenics PWA Base Monitoring System 2.0 complies with relevant U.S. EPA methods and regulations (40 CFR 140.74, 4500-CLG and 334.0).

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posted: 11/16/2015