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Water Leak Detection Device Features Wireless Sensors in High–Risk Locations - The Detection Group Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Water Leak Detection Device Features Wireless Sensors in High–Risk Locations: The Detection Group Inc.

The Detection Group Inc.

The Detection Group’s wireless water leak detection and monitoring service leverages technology and joins the tech revolution dubbed the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Water damage is the number one property insurance claim in the U.S., so the problem that water leaks pose needs to be addressed beyond traditional methods. IoT is changing the way business is being done and the Detection System is leading the way in buildings by integrating IoT with wireless water leak detection. The Detection System has wireless sensors that report to a base station. Sensors are placed in locations that are at the highest risk for water leaks. For those that would like a water shutoff valve, these too can be integrated in the system. Water can be shut off on a floor or at a specific location. From here, this is where IoT technology is utilized. The base station reports data collected from the sensors to our cloud monitoring service. This is where the power of the Detection System lies. Property Managers and Building Engineers have 24/7 monitoring at their fingertips.

In the event of a water leak, property managers or building engineers will be notified by phone, e-mail, and text, alerting them to the presence of water. The alert is not general, it is specific. They will know what floors and what locations water has been detected. The cloud monitoring service is in communication with each system component and if something is not functioning properly, the property managers and engineers will know about it.

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posted: 11/19/2015