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Water Heater - Lochinvar Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Water Heater: Lochinvar Corp.

Lochinvar Corp.
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The Energy Saver indirect water heater uses the same energy to hydronically provide hot water for potable use. It is an indirect-fired, potable water storage vessel that accepts heat from an external heat source, such as a Solution or Knight heating boiler. This external heat source warms the space heating fluid, which then passes through the unit’s internal heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is a glass-coated, highly conductive tube that is immersed in the storage vessel. As the fluid passes through the heat exchanger, heat is shared between the space heating fluid and the domestic water in the storage vessel. This results in two supplies of hot water from one boiler.

It features non-CFC foam insulation, which minimizes standby losses and maximizes heat retention, and a glass-lined steel tank, which protects against rust and corrosion while providing clean, hot water.


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posted: 6/6/2007