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Video Inspection System Helps Ease Drain Cleaning Procedure - General Pipe Cleaners - Facility Management Product Release

Video Inspection System Helps Ease Drain Cleaning Procedure: General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners
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Just grab it and go. The lightweight, compact, easy-to-use Gen-Eye POD video inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners combines camera, reel and monitor in a handy, all-in-one package for a wide range of inspection jobs.

The full size Gen-Eye POD sports a self-leveling camera and 200 ft. of Gel-Rod for troubleshooting 3-10 inch drain lines, septic systems, heating and cooling ducts, chimneys, crawlspaces and other concealed conduits. The MINI-POD version carries 125 feet or 175 feet of push rod – with mini self-leveling color camera small enough to troubleshoot 2-4 inch lines.

With superb reliability and low maintenance, both are excellent for use by maintanance staffs of plants, buildings, municipalities, hospitals, schools, restaurants and other facilities.

The 7-inch LCD color monitor mounts on a rugged, flexible gooseneck that swivels for optimal viewing angles. The durable padded case protects the monitor array. And a video out connection permits recording to an external device.

Capable of vertical or horizontal operation, Gen-Eye POD systems feature everything necessary for operation, including:

● LED Dimmer Control
● AC and DC Power Cords
● Trap Skids
● 512 Hz Transmitter For Precise Camera Tracking
● Rugged Frame & Reel With Drag Brake & Reel Lock


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posted: 6/9/2016