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The Series 800Y Hydraulic Control Valve Family in the 800-series hydraulic control valves for fire protection applications has a Y-pattern globe valve body with optimized flow technology, reducing friction loss, while its obstruction-free design increases flow capacity by up to 40 percent.

The reinforced rolling elastomeric diaphragm automatically adjusts to throttle flow to a concentrated area, enabling the system to stay operational during low flows, which ultimately minimizes the pulsing of water flow. The reduction in water hammer and a smooth cushioned operation improves valve operating life and minimizes noise. The enhanced reliability of the flow capacity also helps the fire protection industry to meet stringent regulatory guidelines, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13 Dry System Water Delivery Provisions. 

Reduce Downtime with Faster Installations and Friendlier Serviceability

The 800Y Hydraulic Control Valve Family provides eight times faster installation and in-line serviceability. The four-bolt cover plate allows for quick removal without detaching the control trim. These elements minimize service downtime to five minutes and eliminate the potential for contamination or damage of internal components.

More Efficient for Designers

Traditionally, designers were forced to add an anti-cavitation accessory to prevent valve wear from flow turbulence, however the Y-pattern globe valve body design abates this concern.  Other benefits of the Series 800Y include drain ports with a swivel design that allow for fit-up at any angle when the valve is installed vertically or horizontally, additional pre-tapped ports for pressure gauges and left or right trim options to accommodate tight spaces, and remote on/off control to actuate and reset the valve. Valve position visual indication is included for quick installation reference in deluge applications.

The 800Y Hydraulic Control Valve is available in sizes 1 ½ inch to 16 inch and in pressure classes up to 365 psi/2517 kPA/25 Bar. The valve is UL listed and FM approved.


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posted: 6/7/2017