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VRF Ductless System Delivers Improved Efficiency - Trane - Facility Management Product Release

VRF Ductless System Delivers Improved Efficiency: Trane

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Trane water-source VRF is the latest addition to the growing Trane ductless portfolio. It uses stable water temperatures to provide cost efficient heating and cooling solutions for multi-occupant buildings.

Water is the energy exchange medium used to heat and cool the system’s condenser. Using adjacent water or geothermal sources, water-source variable refrigerant flow (VRF) can draw upon stable water temperatures to dissipate heat during peak cooling periods and act as a heat source when in heating mode. Alternatively, systems can be connected to a cooling tower to reject energy from the building or a boiler to add heat in colder climate applications.

Water-source VRF retains its heating capacity even as entering water temperatures fall because the drop is not as dramatic as it is with low ambient air temperatures.

Compact, lightweight construction makes Trane water-source VRF easy to install. Because Trane water-source VRF is installed in mechanical rooms where heating and cooling is distributed around the building, the system requires fewer refrigerant pipe runs, further reducing installation costs.

Trane technicians follow ASHRAE Standard 15, ensuring Trane water-source VRF is installed in accordance with the industry’s latest refrigerant safety standards.

Other features include:
• Delivers up to 30.1 integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER), 27.4 simultaneous cooling and heating efficiency (SCHE) and up to 48 tons of capacity.
• Building occupants can adjust the temperature in individual spaces for increased comfort.
• Actual energy use of each leased space can be calculated allowing building managers to more accurately bill tenants.
• Airflow to unoccupied areas can be turned off for additional energy savings.
• Trane water-source VRF uses the same extensive range of indoor unit sizes, configurations and full range of controls as Trane standard VRF, allowing it to be designed into almost any application.

The new systems provide energy-efficient climate solutions for multi-tenant and diversely occupied buildings, especially commercial real estate, K-12 and higher education facilities.


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posted: 9/7/2015