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VLT Micro Drive - Danfoss Drives - Facility Management Product Release

Danfoss Drives
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The VLT Micro Drive from Danfoss Drives is a general-purpose drive designed for out-of-the-box, plug-and-play control of AC motors up to three HP.

The drive eliminates the need for external controllers, and offers side-by-side mounting without de-rating. An Automatic Energy Optimizer function allows the drive to reduce energy use, while the Automatic Motor Adaptation feature leverages the motor’s full operating potential.

The compact VLT Micro Drive provides IP20 protection, even without the terminal cover. It is available in cabinet sizes as small as 2.75 in. wide by six inches tall by six inches deep, and can be commissioned in minutes. Approximately 100 parameters can be set to optimize energy efficiency and operation. An electronic thermal relay eliminates the need for external motor protection, and a built-in RFI filter saves on cost and space.

The VLT Micro Drive also uses a smart logic controller — a device that seamlessly integrates the drive and motor for optimum application performance.

Additional features include built-in AC and DC brake functions that help the drive transform kinetic energy from the application into braking power, intelligent heat management and coated electronics for maximized drive reliability and life, and the ability to copy settings via a local control panel.

VLT Micro Drives are available in single-phase 200-240 VAC: 0.25-2 HP; three-phase 200-240 VAC: 1/2-2 HP; and three-phase 380-480 VAC: 0.5-3 HP power range configurations.


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posted: 5/21/2007