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Urinal Requires One Pint of Water for Flushing - Kohler Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Kohler Co.
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Expanding upon its popular Dexter urinal design, Kohler has developed a new model that makes the most of a single pint of water to efficiently clean its interior. This model is ideal for facility managers and business owners concerned about lowering their water consumption and making the most of every drop. In addition, the 1-pint Dexter can earn Water Efficiency points for those builders focused on meeting the requirements of the LEED Green Building Rating System.

This urinal was engineered to make the most of the streamlined Dexter design while using the least amount of water possible. When flushed, water flows from rimholes at the top of the fixture, rinsing the sidewalls and flooding the bowl area before making a water exchange and exiting through the trapway. This system results in a much cleaner and more sanitary urinal than waterless versions while using 0.125 gpf. In addition, the deliberate back wall geometry and elongated bowl of the Dexter limits splash back for an overall tidier user experience.

The compact wall-print of the Dexter makes it ideal for use in smaller bathrooms, and the color options — white, almond, biscuit and black black — are certain to complement any décor. The 1-pint Dexter is constructed of Kohler vitreous china that is extremely durable and easy to clean, and it is both ADA compliant and WaterSense certified.


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posted: 12/3/2015