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Updated Software Framework - Tridium Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Tridium Inc.
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Niagara 3.1 extends the library of pre-built tools in the current version of the Niagara Framework and adds several expanded features including:
• Support for the company’s security controller, a 16-door access control appliance.
• The addition of a provisioning tool that allows administrators to perform management tasks against entire networks of devices all at once instead of with each device individually.
• Upgrades and improved performance of BACnet and LON communications protocol applications and tools.
• Charting capabilities to interpret collected data and compare several histories on a single chart in multiple forms including line graphs and bar, area and pie charts.
• Support for oBIX, the industry-wide initiative to define XML and Web services-based mechanisms for communications between building control systems and enterprise software applications.

In addition, the company has also made several memory enhancements to its family of JAVA Application Control Engines (JACEs) to support the new release. The company’s JACE-2, JACE-4 and JACE-5 series platforms are now available with increased RAM and Flash memory options.


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posted: 12/4/2006