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Touch Free Soap Dispenser Combines Aesthetics, Improved Hygiene - Deb Group Ltd. - Facility Management Product Release

Touch Free Soap Dispenser Combines Aesthetics, Improved Hygiene: Deb Group Ltd.

Deb Group Ltd.
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The CTF Ultra™ counter mounted dispenser features TouchFREE technology and delivers the optimal rich foam shot size and eliminates many points of contact with germy surfaces, with enhanced aesthetics.

The dispensing system also includes a new pump and delivery tube with every hygienically sealed refill bottle, keeping soap fresh and eliminating the risk of cross‐ contamination associated with bulk‐fill soap dispensers. A recent study from the Journal of Environmental Health shows that roughly one in four public restroom bulk‐fill soap dispensers are contaminated with harmful bacteria. Furthermore, a study from Applied and Environmental Microbiology estimates that washing hands with contaminated bulk soap increases the number of germs on the hands by 25 times.

TouchFREE Ultra offers industry leading cost efficiency and sustainability. The CTF Ultra consistently delivers the correct amount of product for each application, using 20 percent less product per shot than other competitive systems. Additionally, the CTF Ultra is the preferred environmental choice, featuring two Green Seal Certified® soaps, recyclable refill bottles, 80 percent less packaging waste and long battery life, helping facilities earn LEED credits.

“Restroom patrons and facility managers alike will benefit from Deb’s new Counter Mounted TouchFREE Ultra dispenser,” says Isabelle Faivre, vice president of marketing for Deb North America. “Not only will the CTF Ultra provide fresh product and trouble‐free use, each refill will yield 33 percent more hand washes per bottle than other popular counter mounted systems. By choosing CTF Ultra, Deb customers are assured a high‐end appearance, combined with cost effectiveness, enhanced safety and improved sustainability.”

Highlights of the new CTF Ultra include:
• Industry‐leading battery life with one set of D‐cell batteries that will last up to three years or 90,000 hand washes, 4.5 times longer than similar competitive systems
• Easy, twist and lock refill installation
• Smart sensor to automatically detect hands for reliable, trouble‐free use
• Low refill and low battery LED indicator to notify facilities when maintenance is required
• Optional AC adapter available to convert from battery pack to AC power

The CTF Ultra can be used with Deb’s Refresh™ Azure FOAM, Refresh™ Clear FOAM and Refresh™ AntiBac FOAM. For more information, visit www.debgroup.com.


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posted: 7/22/2015