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Toilet - TOTO USA Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

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The Aquia dual-flush toilet enables users to select the level of water used each time the toilet is flushed — 1.6 gallons for heavy or bulk waste or 0.9 gallons, for light or liquid waste.

It has a skirted bowl that is easy to maintain. The sculpted bowl and wide neck make the unit sturdy. Its dual-button flush actuator is integrated into the lid.

Its gravity flush with a washdown system directs 100 percent of the water through the rim to keep the bowl clean, and the sides of the unit’s bowl are steeply pitched to force water toward and through its 2.625-inch trapway. Its flush valve is flapperless, enabling the toilet’s dual-flushing system to perform consistently. Its flush tower contains a calibrated plunger with a bucketlike float, which fills up when the light-flush button is pushed, driving it down to cut off the water halfway through the flush. Its waterspot is 0.5 inch in diameter larger for a more effective water exchange when the light-flush mode is engaged.


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posted: 12/21/2006