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Tissue Dispensing System Reduces Restroom Waste, Maintenance Expenses - SCA - Facility Management Product Release

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SCA, the producer of the Tork brand of Away-from-Home professional hygiene products, launched the Tork Coreless High Capacity Bath Tissue Dispensing system in North America. Designed with end-customers’ needs in mind, the Tork coreless system is an efficient washroom solution, reducing waste and maintenance expenses while improving guest experience.

“At SCA, our customers expect us to help meet the needs of modern office buildings — from controlling costs to creating the best tenant and patron experiences possible,” says Cheryl Rickert, washroom marketing director for SCA’s Away-from-Home Professional Hygiene business in North America. “We are excited to add the new coreless solution to our Tork washroom lineup, giving owners and operators enhanced options for reducing waste and improving maintenance efficiencies.”

Tork strives to provide washroom solutions specifically tailored for its end-customers to increase efficiency. The result is a system that combines a compact space saving roll with high quality, soft, EPA-compliant tissue to ensure high functionality. The new packaging reduces storage space requirements, providing customers with up to two times more capacity per cubic foot compared to conventional bath tissue. Tork has removed 95 percent of the packaging waste used in traditional bath tissue products by eliminating the corrugated packaging, traditional cores and inner wrappers. Each EPA-compliant roll can last up to three times longer between service intervals compared to conventional tissue, saving your staff time and labor.

New Tork Coreless High Capacity Bath Tissue dispensers are a perfect fit for washrooms with limited space. Two coreless high capacity rolls equal up to five conventional bath tissue rolls. The dispenser is easy to use and meets ADA requirements for bath tissue. It´s a great choice for medium/high traffic washrooms where guest expectations are high and where efficiency and cost are equally important.

Stub roll waste is now practically eliminated thanks to the locking mechanism that protects the reserve roll from being accessed until the first roll is completely used. Translucent cover makes it easy to see when a refill is required reducing time and complexity involved in maintaining the system.


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posted: 12/14/2015