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System Provides Perimeter Fire Protection - HILTI - Facility Management Product Release

System Provides Perimeter Fire Protection: HILTI

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In accordance with ASTM E2307, Hilti has developed and tested a system that provides an effective perimeter fire barrier in conditions with no spandrel at the perimeter joint. The Hilti HI-BPF 120-10 Tested System utilizes an insulation box, also referred to as a shadow box, with compressed safing and Hilti Firestop water-based or silicone joint spray. Hilti has developed its tested system for use on popular curtain wall construction design.

The Hilti HI-BPF 120-10 Tested System can be used with Hilti Firestop Joint Spray CFS-SP WB or Hilti Firestop Silicone Joint Spray CFS-SP SIL. Both products are ideal for curtain wall/edge of slab applications.

The water-based Hilti Firestop Joint Spray CFS-SP WB is a sprayable, fire-rated mastic for construction joints where maximum movement is required. It meets 500 cycle requirements and LEED requirements for indoor environmental quality credit 4.1 Low Emitting Materials, Sealants and Adhesives, as well as 4.2 Paints and Coating.

The Hilti Firestop Silicone Joint Spray CFS-SP reduces delays caused by weather and the risk of water damage. It is sprayable and brushable for fast-curing coating with a short tack-free time. And, it’s mold and mildew resistant.


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posted: 4/10/2017