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Sustainability Warranty - DuPont Fire Extinguishants - Facility Management Product Release

DuPont Fire Extinguishants
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Fike and DuPont now offer a sustainability warranty for Fike fire suppression systems with DuPontTM FE227TM or FE-25TM (also known as Fike Ecaro-25TM) hydrofluorocarbon clean agent fire extinguishants. The warranty assures that if either agent is restricted from use for fire suppression within 20 years of purchase due to regulatory measures designed to address issues of global warming potential, DuPont and Fike will replace the agent with alternatives that are fully compliant or refund the purchase price of the agent.

Both FE-227TM and FE-25TM have zero ozone-depletion potential. The warranty also guarantees that these agents will not cause internal corrosion of containers, leave residue that can cause equipment malfunctions, or react with water, ensuring their compatibility with water-based fire protection systems.


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posted: 11/1/2007