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Suite of Air Care Products Tackle Restroom Odor - GP PRO - Facility Management Product Release

Suite of Air Care Products Tackle Restroom Odor: GP PRO

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The ActiveAire suite of air care products is designed to provide long lasting, highly effective freshness and involves very simple maintenance.
ActiveAire Automated Freshener Dispenser is a motion-activated freshening toilet paper dispenser. The freshening dispenser delivers a number of benefits:
·         Elevated Image & Experience: 80 percent of decision-makers believe keeping restrooms smelling clean has a positive impact on patron experience to a 2013 Buzzback survey in the office building segment.
·         Matching Scents: Restroom users can enjoy a consistent fresh scent throughout the room as the air care suite uses the same fragrances across products. Business owners can choose from six scents.
·         Sustained Release: Continuous freshness is provided for 30 days reducing the number of times custodians must change refills and limiting the number of refills that need to be ordered.
·         Easy Maintenance: Easy-access designs make maintenance and refills a breeze, with no liquids or sprays. The in-stall freshening dispenser requires no ladders for refilling.
·         Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Compliant: The product line features a suite of six fragrances which are VOC compliant with federal and state regulations.
The ActiveAire System includes solutions in the stall and on the wall coordinated with the same scent. On the wall:
·         ActiveAire Passive and Active Whole-Room Freshener Dispensers provide freshness options for both large and small restrooms with good or limited ventilation.
·         ActiveAire Low-Splash Deodorizer Urinal Screen keeps the urinal smelling fresh while reducing splash by 70 percent when compared to no urinal screen.


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posted: 3/2/2017