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Stainless Dispensing Products Give Restrooms Fresher, Efficient Feel - Georgia-Pacific Professional - Facility Management Product Release

Stainless Dispensing Products Give Restrooms Fresher, Efficient Feel: Georgia-Pacific Professional

Georgia-Pacific Professional
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GP Pro launched a collection of stainless restroom dispensing systems and refills designed to elevate the restroom experience for business owners/supervisors, custodial staff, and users of any professional facility, office or retail space.

“The Premium Restroom Collection is a completely coordinated suite of products designed, tested and refined to meet the high standards of businesses and Class A facilities that want to reflect superior image and quality at every touchpoint,” says Scott Light, president at GP Pro.

At the heart of it? Reliability — features designed to keep restrooms looking cleaner and smelling fresher longer, with less effort:

● Elevated Image: enMotion dispensers are engineered to be the quietest on the market, “whisper-quiet”; premium paper towel, soap and toilet paper; plus, a first-of-its-kind air care system in the stall, so you get freshness where it really counts
● Reliability and Efficiency: Extended battery life in enMotion® dispensers; paper towel dispensers designed to be jam-free; long-lasting soap refills to help cut down maintenance; 10 year warranty
● Ease of Maintenance: Designed with custodians in mind; single handed loading of soap refills and patented maintenance pause button; recessed paper towel dispensers with a replaceable chassis
● EcoSmart by Georgia-Pacific: Rooted in sustainability with one-at-a-time paper towel and portion-controlled soap dispensing; coreless toilet paper with 95 percent less packaging waste than standard tissue to continually help drive down waste; volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant suite of six fragrances; 100 percent recyclable soap bottles; brown paper towel made from 100% recycled fiber; and refills that meet third party environmental standards

The new Premium Restroom Collection includes:

● enMotion Recessed and enMotion Impulse 8 automated paper towel dispensers
● enMotion automated soap and sanitizer dispensers
● Compact toilet paper dispensers
● ActiveAire air care suite of products
● In the stall: ActiveAire Freshener Dispenser (affixes to Compact side-by-side toilet paper dispenser)
● On the wall: Low-splash deodorizing screens for urinals, active and passive freshener dispensers for the room

“We challenged ourselves as the leader in touchless, hygienic dispensing systems, to reach a new level of performance, intuitive design and elegance,” said Rob Barger, vice president, paper towel category for GP Pro. “The businesses we serve are competing to provide their customers a reliable, consistent and premium experience. We’re continually innovating to help them achieve their performance goals.”


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posted: 11/23/2016