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Sprinkler Minimizes Disruptions on Smooth Ceilings - Viking - Facility Management Product Release

Sprinkler Minimizes Disruptions on Smooth Ceilings: Viking

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Model VK478 5.6 K-factor Quick Response Flush Pendent Sprinkler is a small high-sensitivity fusible element sprinkler designed for installation on concealed pipe systems where the appearance of a smooth ceiling is desired. Sprinkler features an aesthetically pleasing two-piece sprinkler and ceiling ring design that provides up to ⅝-inch of vertical adjustment. The two-piece design allows installation and testing of the sprinkler prior to ceiling installation. The ceiling ring can be removed and re-installed, allowing access above removable ceiling panels without shutting down the sprinkler system and removing the sprinkler. Offered in two standard white finishes and is available in 165 F and 205 F temperature ratings.


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posted: 4/26/2017