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Sound Attenuator for Fabric Ductwork - DuctSox - Facility Management Product Release

Sound Attenuator for Fabric Ductwork: DuctSox

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The DuctSox Silencer, a fabric sound attenuator for fabric ductwork systems, quiets air handling unit (AHU) and variable air volume (VAV) box operational and airflow noise in the 500 to 2,000-Hz octave bands by 28 to 35-dB in offices, libraries, museums, classrooms and other sound sensitive areas.

The DuctSox Silencer is available in sizes of 12- to 36-inch-diameter in 2-inch increments and all standard colors. (Custom colors available to match interior designs and fabric ductwork colors.) It's wider than the ductwork it accompanies to accommodate a, four-inch-thick wall of sound-absorbing rock wool covered by a specialized fabric interior wall.

The DuctSox Silencer also offers an optional center bullet version for nearly double the attenuation that's ideal for larger mechanical equipment, whereas the without bullet version is designed for quieter equipment and variable air volume (VAV) systems.

The DuctSox Silencer was successfully tested by Intertek Labs, Cortland, N.Y., under ASTM-E477-2013 criteria. Sound pressure level data was obtained using a Bruel and Kjar pulse analyzer. After a third-party laboratory-review by JGL Acoustics Inc., Issaquah, Wash., lab findings revealed both the center bullet and without bullet versions as comparable to metal-based attenuators at 100 to 500-Hz and superior at 500 to 8,000-Hz ranges.

Both the versions use DuctSox's SkeleCore FTS In-Duct Tensioning System as an internal structural support and for ceiling-mounting independently of the cable or track suspension system. Using SkeleCore in the accompanying duct run is optional.

At 1,000-fpm, static pressure loss for the non-bullet and center bullet versions are 0.02-w.g. and 0.05-w.g., respectively. NFPA-90 approved for flame and smoke development.

Available for DuctSox's Sedona-Xm, Verona, TufTex, DuraTex, Microbe-X, Stat-X and Rx fabrics. Included in every DuctSox Silencer is overlap material for seamlessly concealing the fabric/metal collar connection. Five-year warranty.


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posted: 6/14/2017