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Solid Surface Sinks - BRADLEY - Facility Management Product Release

Solid Surface Sinks: BRADLEY

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WashBar with clean+rinse+dry functionality can be paired with the line of OmniDecks. The WashBar, originally launched with Bradley’s Verge wash basins, adds an innovative and intuitive hand washing element to the OmniDeck’s customization possibilities.

Designed to enhance all the fundamentals of hand washing, the cutting edge WashBar is comprised of a single piece of chrome-plated stainless steel that combines soap, water and dryer in one easy to use fixture. LED lighting and easy to identify icons on the WashBar help to visually orient the user through the hand washing process. The WashBar’s streamlined design eliminates the cluttered look of three separate components, complementing the OmniDeck’s sleek aesthetic and elevating its washroom flexibility.

WashBar technology also saves on maintenance costs with fewer soap refills, the elimination of paper towels, less wet floor clean up and less time emptying waste bins.

OmniDecks are known for clean and contemporary lines, a smooth finish, flexibility, simple installation and easy maintenance. Designed with individual bowls providing personal space for users, the addition of the new all-in-one WashBar feature further enhances the individual hand washing experience. OmniDecks are complete pre-fabricated units and customizable to varying sizes and layouts for a variety of applications.

Constructed with highly durable Terreon solid surface material, OmniDecks are available with optimal basin design customizations, including a one-piece continuous solid surface deck up to 120 inches long with up to four bowls, while longer lengths can be seamed onsite. Placement of the bowls — and sizes of the front and side aprons — may be customized, as well as the option for backsplashes. OmniDecks can be specified in dozens of Terreon solid surface colors with matching sheet stock for shelving.

Easy to clean, maintain and repair, Terreon and TerreonRE recycled solid surface materials are completely molded nonporous materials so they will not support the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria, and will last for years to come. OmniDeck with WashBar is also ADA compliant.


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posted: 10/27/2017