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Software–Driven Circuit Breaker Operates as Traditional Model - Atom Power - Facility Management Product Release

Atom Power

Atom Power has developed a new circuit breaker technology that utilizes digitally controlled solid-state components built into a product called The Atom Switch. The Atom Switch is a circuit breaker that provides all of the functionality of a traditional circuit breaker but is software driven, allowing you to dynamically change characteristics. For example, using our Atom OS software platform, we could have one Atom Switch be a 20-amp circuit breaker one day, then simply program it to be an 80-amp circuit breaker another day. It’s also fast, operating more than 100 times faster than mechanical circuit breakers, mitigating short circuit and arc flash hazards.

Atom Power is creating an end-to-end product, both with the hardware and tightly integrated software. For the first time in history, we will allow full digital control of an electrical infrastructure all while making it safer and easier.

Atom Panel features include:

• Contains all the Atom Switches, fully networked together

• Ethernet communication output to the Atom OS software platform

• Plastic construction for a beautiful, lightweight product

• Electronic display illustrating name, fed-from, and voltage class

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posted: 11/17/2015