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Software Designed for Simpler Monitoring and Control of Building Systems - Optergy - Facility Management Product Release

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To help all building managers to better monitor and manage their building mechanical and electrical systems, Optergy is rolling out its Aurora Building Management System in North America.

Aurora by Optergy is an innovative software based supervisor that combines energy and building management features, uses an intuitive web interface accessible using a common browser. This economical software installs on simple hardware or a virtual machine, requires no operating system or any other software dependencies. This scalable software manages BACnet or Modbus devices, and has built-in web based programming & tools. It can replace a small building supervisor or be used to as an enterprise system.

"Aurora by Optergy is the first true open supervisor that can interoperate with any BACnet controller and is 100 percent web based including all the needed tools to setup, operate and maintain the system,” says Steven Guzelimian, Optergy USA President. "Finally you have an alternative to the so-called open systems that run proprietary operating systems, get locked into special licensing or certification requirements and have annual fees.

“Aurora by Optergy is a building management system that is brand agnostic. If you are disappointed with the level of feature in your current building management system you will find a compelling feature set with Aurora. The software has building management (schedules, trends, alarms, and calendars), energy management (energy analytics, reports, dashboards, KPI), and facility management (asset management, building performance, tenant utility billing, tenant issue handling, work order requests, and work order management), this puts powerful capability into the small enterprise but can scale to even the largest system. We put the effort into build the right features in so you don’t have to.”

Key benefits of the Aurora software:

• Rich Content — Add special content to data displays in addition to building systems such as video content, html (web pages), dynamic energy reports and more

• Value-Built in features include: Energy, Building, and Facility management

• Accessible — Use graphics on any web device, no plug in or special licensing

• Accountability — Unlimited users, each with their own privilege and unique navigation; all events logged

• Portable — Move from a big to small screen phone using a feature rich application seamlessly (no added cost)

• Engage — The users of the enterprise with scrolling message content, video, and target app messaging

• Economical — Building supervisor that sits side by side or on top of existing systems (BACnet/Modbus)

• Simple — Licensing based on number of devices with unlimited points. There are no ongoing fees!

• Powerful — Use your own hardware, this software solution can leverage the latest computing power

• Robust — Ddatabase that can support redundant hard drives and store Terabytes of data, provides year of analytic data

• Easily — Connect and manage any BACnet device, including schedules trends and alarms

• Save time — Remote connectivity, for installation, updates, and maintenance

• No extra effort — Built-in BACnet IP, Modbus IP, Modbus RTU for improved connectivity

• Productive — Complete toolset included to setup and maintain the system

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posted: 10/14/2015