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Smoke Detector Designed for Access to Smaller Applications - System Sensor - Facility Management Product Release

Smoke Detector Designed for Access to Smaller Applications: System Sensor

System Sensor
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The FAAST line of aspirating smoke detectors FAAST XS device is ideal for smaller applications and uses the same trusted, innovative technology.

“FAAST XS is a small but powerful device,” says Christa Poss, Sr. Manager of Product Marketing for System Sensor. “It has a variable speed fan which allows users to select the best coverage for their space — up to 5,000 square feet — all in a single model. Plus it’s a more affordable option for small spaces.”

FAAST XS brings all the capabilities of FAAST Aspiration Smoke Detection —such as three-stage filtration, Very Early Warning Fire Detection, increased nuisance immunity, and various built in connectivity options – to a broader range of applications. Used with FAAST’s PipeIQ software, you can design, configure, and monitor any FAAST device within the product family.


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posted: 9/11/2015